Louisa Krause Attends ‘Electrick Children’ New York City Premiere {UPDATED}

The gorgeous Louisa Krause is rocking this ‘end-of-winter’ New York-chic look on Monday night at the ‘Electrick Children‘ NYC premiere. The film stars Julia Garner – one of the most stunning young actresses – alongside Rory Culkin, Liam Aiken, and Billy Zane. Electrick Children was directed by a very talented young director Rebecca Thomas and produced by Jessica Caldwell (who was also dressed in RADENRORO and looking beautiful). Electrick Children is one of the most beautiful films we’ve seen in a while, it’s very fresh – we were quite fascinated by it. Julia Garner was so mesmerizing, she’s such a talent. We also thought that Rory Culkin was amazing, he was just so believable. We applaud Rebecca Thomas on the fantastic work, we’re looking forward for more amazing films from her. Electrick Children opens this Friday at IFC Center. It’s totally A MUST-SEE!

UPDATELouisa Krause is one of the 10 best dressed on Guest of A Guest. Check out the top 10 looks, including the fashion goddess’, Sarah Jessica Parker here!

Best Dressed Louisa Krause in RADENRORO - SJP Sarah Jessica Parker

Best Dressed Actresses Louisa Krause (in RADENRORO), Sarah Jessica Parker

Louisa Krause at Electrick Children NYC premiere

Photo is courtesy of Zimbio

Louisa’s RADENRORO look consists a metallic jet black silk lamé ruffle blouse, a leather-waisted black lace tea-length skirt, and the Kuncara metallic pale yellow silk/wool crop jacket. Don’t we all love mixing textures? The fashionistas – Louisa Krause and Julia Garner – looked so adorably chic together – the photographers that night couldn’t get enough of them!

 julia garner louisa krause rory culkin


Louisa Krause King Kelly Julia Garner Electrick Children Sin City A Dame to Kill For

Louisa Krause with Julia Garner at ‘Electrick Children’ Premiere

Photo is courtesy of Just Jared.

Rebecca Thomas Electrick Children, director

Louisa Krause with Julia Garner at ‘Electrick Children’ Premiere

 Photo is courtesy of Daily Mail UK.

Louisa krause at Electrick Children premiere

Louisa Krause at Hotel Americano Electrick Children premiere party

Louisa Krause at Electrick Children Party at Hôtel Americano

Photo is courtesy of Guest of A Guest

Electrick Children premiere

‘Electrick Children’ Family – Rebecca Thomas, Bill Sage, Julia Garner, Billy Zane, Cassidy Gard, Richard Neustadter, and Jessica Caldwell (in RADENRORO)

Photo is courtesy of Guest of A Guest.

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Julia Garner Louisa Krause Radenroro electrick children premiere

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