We’re clearly having a much-citrusy spring this year and we’re betting we’ll have a very-much-citrusy summer too. Check out the fabulous fashion bloggers Ann Colville Somma of Hollier Than Now and Laura Ellner of On The Racks wearing our most popular citrusy pieces, the Yudia jacket and the Menik dress. They definitely dig this new fresh hue, bright is the new black!

*These pieces are 100% silk and ALL of our products are made in New York, USA.

Source: holierthannow.com via RADENRORO on Pinterest

Source: shop.radenroro.com via RADENRORO on Pinterest

Source: holierthannow.com via RADENRORO on Pinterest

Source: ontheracks.com via RADENRORO on Pinterest


Source: ontheracks.com via RADENRORO on Pinterest


Schiaparelli’s Playful Prints – SO Ahead of their Time!


So we are all excited about the Prada – Schiaparelli Impossible Conversations exhibit at The Met. I was lucky to get to preview the exhibition before it was open for public.

Neither Miuccia Prada nor Elsa Schiaparelli have been an influence to me. I knew a little about them but I’ve never studied either one in depth. I think the two are really great designers and they both have strong visions, but I was never really interested in their backgrounds. I know more a bit about Prada since she’s still designing. I love that we both did a fun playful print for our spring/summer 2012; Prada did the ‘hot wheels’ print’s and I did the unicorn print. I blogged about it in ‘Pretty in Pink Print‘. The only thing I remembered about Elsa Schiaparelli before going to the exhibition was that Coco Chanel was her rival in their time.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the Schiaparelli circus collection at the exhibition. I had no idea she did these wonderfully playful circus-themed prints and designs.  She apparently was influenced by Salvador Dali and it shows in her quirky prints and whimsical themes. She was so ahead of her time! Too bad she’s not still alive because I would want to have a conversation with her! I heard that they will resurrect the Schiaparelli brand, hopefully the new designer will live up to her legacy.


schiaparelli circus printed dress

Schiaparelli Silk Circus Printed Dress


Schiaparelli Circus Horse Jacket


Schiaparelli Circus Printed Dress

Schiaparelli Circus Print
Radenroro Nonik dress in teddy bear

Radenroro Nonik Dress in Teddy Bear


Radenroro Fall-Winter 2012 Ballerina Print

Radenroro Spring-Summer 2012 Unicorn Print

Radenroro Spring-Summer 2012 Unicorn Print


Radenroro Spring-Summer 2011 Diamond Print


Radenroro Windari Dress in Ballerina Print