Unleash the Unicorns!

Our Teddy bear print was a big hit! This season I came up with another great theme which is unicorn! I love unicorn as much as Teddy bear since I was a little girl. I created three different color combinations of the unicorn print – rose unicorn, forest green unicorn, and tangerine unicorn – I especially love the punch of neon green on the forest green unicorn, I think it adds an unexpected chicness and a coolness to the print. I love the rose because it’s pink! The chic kind of pink :) And I love the tangerine because I love to style my wardrobe differently! I hate boring fashion! I think this tangerine unicorn is loud in a very chic way. Believe me, there are too many crazy fashions out there that need a lot of editing. That kind of fashion is definitely not what I mean when I say ‘loud’. Just as an example, I LOVE the layering trend but a lot of girls miss the mark – they just basically put on their entire closet or they do it without using the right pieces – it looks forced!- what they do is more like “piling” rather then layering. That’s a big No-No! Ladies, you do not want to look like a lady bag or a homeless person! So, DO layering but keep it polished! The same with wearing loud colors/ prints, if you wear them with the right accessories you would look fabulously chic! ;)

Anyway, – whoa I’ve been blabbering, haven’t I? LOL- my point was, don’t be scared to have fun with colors, always try something new and different! Accessorize! Change your makeup! Create an outfit! Trust me, it would completely change how those colors look to you ;) XOXO

RADENRORO SS12 - Custom Print Unicorn

RADENRORO SS12 - Custom Print Unicorn in Forest

Radenroro Unicorn Print in Rose

RADENRORO SS12 - Custom Print Unicorn in Rose

Radenroro Unicorn Print in Tangerine

RADENRORO SS12 - Custom Print Unicorn in Tangerine

I love Uh Huh Her! And this video of them features a unicorn! Super cute!


Gia + Aria

Once again the gorgeous Gia picked the best dress! The girl definitely has a fabulous taste and style! LOVE!


'The Bachelor Pad' Gia Allemand looks chic in Aria silk dress

Aria dress on KENTON

Aria dress on KENTON

Gia Allemand in the Area dress with Jake Pevelka on The Bachelor Pad

Gia Allemand in the Area dress with Jake Pevelka on The Bachelor Pad

Portishead – Glory Box (1995)