Ismi Teddy Bear Silk Top

Introducing… our most chic, sexy, and adorable piece from the All On The Line show on Sundance Channel, the Ismi Teddy Bear top. We developed the Teddy bear print from scratch during filming our episode. It was a piece we designed especially for our appointment with Nordstrom’s buying team. During the show, Joe Zee pushed us to create a memorable look, particularly one that featured a custom designed print. This was what we came up with and I’m still amazed we managed to pull it off in time for the meeting!

The Ismi silk top is a very special, it has a lot of details and it also has super chic European-made silver chrome metal buttons. It goes so well with any colors!

Oh, don’t forget to the Darmi silk high-slit skirt if you want to go with the complete Radenroro sexy sophisticated look! ;)   

The Ismi Teddy Bear Top is available at Nordstrom and Nordstrom.com.

ALL ON THE LINE with Joe Zee is really an awesome show, it’s on Sundance Channel every Tuesday at 10PM! Trust me, you don’t wanna miss any episodes! :)

The Ismi Teddy bear top on All On The Line

The Ismi Teddy bear top on All On The Line

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