Spring / Summer 2010 Galih Jumpsuit

Galih Spring/Summer 2010 Jumpsuit

Galih Spring/Summer 2010 Jumpsuit

We know it’s not easy to look sexy but chic at the same time in a jumpsuit. I designed Galih jumpsuit to change that. I had asked a couple of straight men about what they think about women wearing jumpsuits and all of them had no good reaction, they think jumpsuits are un-sexy. I got kind of frustrated because I loooooooove wearing jumpsuits and I really wanted to prove to them that they are totally wrong about jumpsuits being un-sexy. Another reason is most women think that jumpsuits only suit tall women and it’s heavy, that is not true, it depends on the cut of the jumpsuits and the material it’s made of. I’m short and I’ve been rocking this Galih jumpsuit like nobody’s business!
The cut of Galih jumpsuit is slimming, it shows your skin moderately with the strappy style, so it’s sexy! The fabric is 100% soft imported silk, it’s so lightweight and airy. Galih jumpsuit comes in black, nude, ruby, turqouise, ivory, and amber. It’s availabe at the new Radenroro Online Shop with 15% off retail price! It’s availability very limited and it’s flying of our rack! Shop now! You don’t want to miss this classic piece that you can wear years to come and you’ll look stylish! :) XoXo

Me in the Galih jumpsuit

Me in the Galih jumpsuit

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  • Mara

    oh I love them all but your’s especially! the straps are so cute and unique

    05-01-10 » 1:51 pm »

  • Liquica

    Thanks Mara!! Xo

    05-18-10 » 12:47 am »

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